• Golf Rangefinder – From A to Z
  • Foul play? Is using high-tech sports gear unfair? You decide
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RIFFA, BAHRAIN - NOVEMBER 15: Retief Goosen of South Africa using a rangefinder on the 3rd hole during the Riffa Views Invitational Skins Game as part of the celebration of the completion of construction of the Montgomerie Course at Riffa Views, on November 15, 2008 in Riffa, Bahrain  (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Golf Rangefinder – From A to Z

Many golf beginners wonder if they really need a golf rangefinder. Isn’t this device for experienced golfers only? Well, it is far from being the truth. Both beginners and seasoned players alike need the help of this modern device to measure the exact distance between them and their target points. Get one and enjoy the benefit of the best golf rangefinder in helping you become a better and faster player….


Foul play? Is using high-tech sports gear unfair? You decide

When the Olympics first began in ancient Greece, athletes competed barefoot–and sometimes even naked! Today, equipment (and clothing!) is an important part of any game. Modern gear helps athletes perform better than ever before. Although most gear is accepted by professional sports leagues, some people think certain products give athletes an unfair advantage. Some gear is even banned. Do you think these five pieces of sports equipment should be allowed?…


FirstTour’s golf equipment fits juniors to a tee

A classic sales pitch for golf clubs usually goes like this: “The reason you’re shooting those high scores is because your clubs don’t fit correctly. If you buy this expensive set, you’ll be winning all the local tournaments in no time.” Eventually, however, the player realizes that it’s practice, not equipment, that leads to low rounds. But if you happen to be a junior golfer who is pint-sized compared to…


How to Play Golf

Although golf is not as popular as other common sports, now, there are many people love this interesting sport because it is not only easy to play but also creates opportunity of  your wonderful time outdoors as well as meeting the new friends. 1. Have A Lesson If you have available the best friends of golf, why don’t you take part in this interesting sport with them?. However in case…