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Best Tips You Should Know When You Using Laptop While Traveling

Today, people use laptops are very popular, especially the students. But to exploit the special features of it then not everyone knows. Hope some tips on how to use our laptop here will be helpful to you. (you can find buy the best backpack for college or can be supported when the laptop purchase genuine shop to protect your laptop)


The battery is very important parts of the laptop. It can be removed easily in case we want to insert the new battery in order to continue the work. However, the battery is also a sensitive components, easily damaged and often just maximum 1 year warranty. When buying your used types of lithium batteries used in most types of laptops, the cause is the battery still not electrified, embryos should be continuous 8 hour charge for the 3 first use. This will help the battery store enough power and avoid the bottle soon.

With the exploding laptop batteries. After a period of use, the battery will be in bottles. Time battery is aging fast or slow is due to the user. The cause of the most common bottle battery is being recharged continuously by the user to plug the source too long. There are now some stores accept old batteries recovery and repair, batteries used are long time. However, be careful when carrying the battery to the shop because the workman will open the circuit. Besides, whether batteries that cannot be restored as a new purchase at.


Always use the type of adapter that comes in the air. Best to note is when the electrical plug, the temperature of the charger can be up very high, it may cause fire and explosion of the wire. So, absolutely not for the adapter in contact with the body or around the power line book of the adapter.The adapter uses the wrong way can identify clear when looking at the wires connecting the adapter to your computer. The most obvious is them shrink, deform the burning hot.

Avoid to contact with adapter or any liquid water would. When damaged, should instead resemble the old adapter adapter provided by the manufacturer of the laptop. Choosing a different adapter with the laptop or the other producers can do severe damage to the laptop.

Electronic components on the market currently appeared some adapter made of unknown origin, very similar to the genuine goods but only with 1 part 3. It is difficult to distinguish the difference between counterfeit and genuine. So when the buyer should verify and stamp note note the sharpness of the printed word on the adapter. If being blurry or unknown, probably it was counterfeit. Use the poor quality of this adapter type is very dangerous for the laptop. They are usually unstable power supply, easy to damage worse than damage the charging circuit is completely in the air.

The screen

The screen is design of LCD standard screen contains the fluid as mercury should need very careful if the screen breaks. In addition, on the poor quality screen typically appear dead spots in blue. These points cannot disappear and can’t be repaired. So when buying a laptop should consider the screen, especially when you start to see the occurred dead spots.

– When cleaning the display, use a clean cloth, to open a screen greater than 90°, gently wipe from the top down. Can choose to buy the accessories clean the laptop but not to any liquid would flow on the screen. Fabric water repellent but are just enough dry, avoid water to splash around, causing short-circuiting.


Keyboard is where we handle the most. Unlike desktop computers have a keyboard, the keyboard on the laptop is kept fixed the toilet as well as very difficult to repair. When buying a laptop, should check whether or not sensitive keyboard, the printer has blurry cause hard to read or not. According to a recent study, the keyboard is also more dirty. This is where the pieces of scrap leather, food and sometimes insects. You can buy some kind of mini vacuum cleaners for the keyboard.

– For the body, should not risk removing the air out to clean. They also do not dirty like screen and keyboard, so can be ignored. As for the battery, clean the exposed part of the battery and air regularly. Can lead to fast phenomena out of battery, or the battery slowly. Long on the battery will be in bottles. For some laptops have the camera, should also clean as the way to the screen. However be very soothing, because more sensitive camera the screen so much.
Melanie R. Waite