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Playing Well With Golf – It’s Not Trouble!

If you are going to play golf, firstly, you have to learn the primary lessons. If the financial capability is available, you should follow a private trainer and then look for a small golf field to begin the first rounds of golf. If your place of live has golf fields, you ought to go to the stadium often every morning on Sunday. Then, let’s look for one person that is also keen on studying golf together with you. So both of you can experience a sport very interesting but also can make you easiest to be angry on the world. Let’s play the first rounds of golf with your friends when taking the field in some weeks. Maybe your first stroke will fall into the water trap and you must spend rather many of sticks. But after that, everything will be better when you have played at least 2 times a week.

The most significance is you must know about per stick in your bag. There are 3 wooden sticks in your stick bags and it is often easy to deceive because these sticks which are used to stroke the far ball are produced from metal but not produced from the wood material. You will take the driver sticks or wood stick No. 3 to stroke the ball off the tee and take the wood stick No. 5 from the short lawn zone on the fairway in the holes par 5. You will need to get the sticks No. 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 in the stick bag, too. The lower the number of sticks is, the farther your ability of hitting the ball is.

The iron stick No. 3 is right to use on the fairway when the distance between you and the hole is at least 180 yard. The iron stick No. 5 is used for the distance of 150 – 160 yard or from the rough area or tall lawn area. The iron stick No.7 is rather flexible when you hit the ball with the distance of 140 yard, though, you can also use it for the strokes “Bump-and-run” popping and rolling at the far range. The iron sticks No. 8 and 9 together with the pitching wedge stick are suitable for you when being next to the green and intending to make the chance to hit the ball well. The iron stick to hit on the sand is used when you are in the bunker next to the green. Lastly, you will need to the dab stick when your ball is on the green and you would like to take the ball into the hole.

And should you want to play golf? Let’s go to the pitch and do as many practicing rounds as possible in order to get acquainted with the set of sticks and the golf sport. On the pitch, do not try to hit the ball as far as possible. Let’s find out the ability of hitting of each stick by copying your swing in each time stroking the ball. If you do it early, you will have the faith to improve your swing to be better soon.

In spite of being busy, you still should take the time to practice in 2 or 3 hours a day on weekend. Do not think that you are young so you can play golf easily, because golf is one sport which does not depend on the physical power. A lot of older golfers play very well because they have high technicality. Although you may take some first days to hit the ball so bad and the ball can’t fly up, then you will stroke with the iron stick No. 6 at a range of 150 m and the drive stick at a distance of 200 m. Maybe you will use the power of all body to hit the ball and measure the needed force to make the desired range. But, you have not rotated the shoulders roundly and rotated the body smoothly yet? You couldn’t be really satisfied with your set up.

Based on the experiences, you ought to spot the ball by one left eye; focus the force on the left foot and never get the custom of raising the head to see the ball before the ball fly up. This will restrict the power and rigor of your posture. Never do a draft because it can’t determine your quality of flight. You only ought to do only one time when completing the set up. But, do a draft or not, it depends on the characteristic of each one.